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Foreclosures Can Be a Wise Investment

   Many home buyers are finding that purchasing foreclosures are a wise investment. Foreclosed properties are generally offered for less than market value. Not all homes that go into default complete the foreclosure process. In fact, many homes are able to sell before the notice of default is finalized. Sellers in default and buyers who are interested in foreclosures often can enter into a satisfactory financial agreement.

Benefits of Purchasing
A Foreclosed Home
Buy More Home for Less
   Given all the right circumstances, you could easily find yourself paying thousands of dollars less than the property's current market value.

More Negotiating Room
  Buying a foreclosure home often provides more room to negotiate with the seller at the time of sell. For instance:  A bank looking to sell one of its foreclosures may be very receptive to your request for a below-the-market mortgage, no or low closing costs and/or additional monies for repairs and improvements.


Take Advantage of Foreclosure Benefits
  The time for investment in foreclosure market has never been better. You can buy a "dream home" or an investment for the future now. Banks are offering foreclosures at 15-50 percent below market value. They are seriously motivated to move these properties from their financial books and into the hands of qualified buyers.

   Act quickly to select from the best market opportunities. Let our team at Advanced Real Estate Services show you how to soundly invest and profit from purchasing a foreclosure property

Just A Note
   It's all too common for sellers in foreclosure to want to ignore the problem and hope it will go away. The only way to solve the problem is to address it. Sellers in foreclosure HAVE OPTIONS. Credible help is available by contacting Advanced Real Estate Services.

Fannie Mae has launched WaysHome™, a new interactive video to educate homeowners about their options to avoid foreclosure, motivate them to make the right decisions, and encourage them to seek help. WaysHome is part of Fannie Mae's Know Your Options™ consumer initiative to help today's struggling homeowners and is available at

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